Why to Workout With a Partner?

Usually, when the alarm rings at 06:00 AM and there is a very long and busy day ahead of you, it’s really hard to get out of the bed and go to the gym alone. If you do not have a training partner, it would be easier just to tell yourself that you will go to the gym later or even tomorrow. To be honest, this actually means that you won’t reach the gym at all, or at least not today. If you share your training sessions with a friend or even a personal trainer, it would be much easier to maintain motivation, as well as, desire to stay fit. Even skipping a workout to sound harmless, if you allow this to become a frequent occurrence, it would lead to ruining your willingness to achieve something good for yourself.


Many experts determine the “gym-buddies” as a very serious source of motivation, encouragement, and inspiration. It seems to be true since it is much harder to exclude the gym visit from your schedule when you know that someone is counting on you. Anyways, just keep in mind that if you experience motivation issues or you want to achieve better results, you should find someone to workout with. Even if you consider that you are training better alone, the right gym-buddy is the one who can make you squeeze yourself for one more rep at the end of the exhausting workout. Of course, sometimes finding the right person might take a while. It even appears to be kind of tender subject. You can either achieve better results or negative effect. Decide wisely when it comes to choosing your gym partner.

More Fun

Sometimes, you can have very productive training, even if you are not fully straight. Have fun! In many cases, the more fun the training sessions are the easier you would perceive them as a desirable part of your long-term everyday life. No doubt – the right gym buddy can make the efforts a hell of a fun.

New Experiences

When you have dedicated or more experienced gym goer by your side, every new beginning would be easier. No matter if it means to increase the weight a little or try some new techniques, the transition period would be more facilitated with someone to encourage you.


In a perfect world, you gym-buddy would be an experienced and professional trainer. He would be able to show you the perfect exercises and techniques for you. The reason that most of the beginners and even advanced athletes refrain from using professional services is that it costs more. Actually, even if your training partner doesn’t have plenty of experience, still he could be useful in such terms. It would be easier for a bystander to identify and correct potential training errors.


Almost every human being possess something called competitive spirit. This is even something healthy if you want to achieve big in any sphere of activity. The race between two or more individuals is highly appreciated – it will make you give the best of yourself. Interesting research discovers that the participants who workout along with better-looking partners, perform high-quality training sessions than others. Something more – the experts recommend your partner to look better than you for better results. When you workout with someone “better”  than you, you might experience the “Kohler Effect” – you won’t satisfy with being the weak spot.

competition in workout


If you have someone around you during a training session with higher weight volume, for sure you will be able to safely try heavier weights. Especially for 1RM or other heavy attempts on the Bench Press, Squat or Deadlift, having a backup is priceless.


Usually, the gym-buddy has different skills and notion than you. You can take advantage of this, as you can acquire new knowledge. This is one of the best ways to recognize exercises that might come useful for you. And of course, do not forget it would be easier to learn the proper implementation of the exercises.

How to choose the right training partner?

The training buddy should be someone you enjoy to spend time with. If your workout buddy is skilled and experienced gym-goer but you do not like his/her personality, most probably you will not get along. However, the main goal is the training sessions to be more pleasant, isn’t it?

It is essential for your partner to be something like a role model for you. If you can not have the “perfect” partner, then leave your ego behind and choose someone better than you. What’s important here, and you should really pay attention to it, is that the training partner’s success should be motivating and actually achievable for you. Another worth-to-mention thing is that your goals should be compatible, even similar. If you are aiming to gain some muscle or reduce body fat, but the person you chose is interested in becoming a gymnast, then, of course, you won’t be able to work out together. The best scenario is when your gym buddy shares your goals and motivation. Even better is if your partner is indeed more motivated and passionate than yourself. The training partner should not accept any of your excuses towards your joint activities.

Where to find the right training partner?

The first place where most of the gym-goers are trying to find a training partner is at home – family, and relatives. Sometimes your life partner could be the perfect training buddy, as well. Just keep in mind that this option is a little bit risky. Your beloved one most probably would expect understanding when it comes to skipping workout session after a tough day. On the other hand, if you have an older child going to the gym together could bring you closer and even motivate you more. Finding someone at work or school is also a good option. The biggest advantage is that the location and your working schedule would be very similar or even the same. You can either workout before or after work/school which is great.

The gym you are attending is also an excellent opportunity for finding the right company. Obviously, almost all people there, are sharing some of your interests. Once again, be extremely careful in your choice.

Anyways, if you have doubts about your decision, better wait some time, instead of making the wrong decision. Working out with the wrong person could indeed bring more negatives than benefits.

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