Why is Elliptical Cross Trainer the worst Cardio Machine?

It is inevitable that cardio machines are useful for human health. Regular training sessions using cardio machines will make your heart and blood vessels stronger, improve your body’s durability and help you loose weight by means of burning an extra fat. Sounds great, doesn’t it? But are all these machines equally effective?

Nowadays there are many different types of machines for cardio training. They differ by the amount of muscles involved when working, convenience of usage, and setting. All of them can be ranged from the best to the worst one according to these characteristics. Nobody would argue that the most effective one is a treadmill. On the opposite side, the worst one is an elliptical cross trainer and here are the reasons for it:


The first and most obvious reason is that when training on elliptical machine a person is doing movements that are not usual for him or her. These movements look like flying and this is what we do not normally do. That’s why it is hard for body to do them and there is additional load on the person’s mind trying to concentrate on doing such movements because they do not look like the ones he used to or do on a regular basis. It is unnecessary and makes you tired faster.

Time Consuming

Besides being not functional, it is also not very effective in means of burning calories. Loosing weight is the primary reason why people do cardio. Most of the people do not like it because doing same thing for a long time makes you bored. That’s why the best thing would be using cardio machine that burns more fat for less time. If we decided to evaluate the cross trainer by this characteristic, then on a scale from 1 to 5 it will get 2. So why loose your time?

Its Probably Not Designed for you!

Elliptical trainer involves both your legs and hands. Its handles’ size and distance can’t be regulated manually. That’s why it is only good for people who can “fit” there. If you are too short, it will be hard for you to reach the handles. And on the contrary, if you are too tall you will need to bend every time you go up. This is very uncomfortable and will bring you neither result nor satisfaction.

Complicated Tech

Before starting the training session, you need to set a resistance level of the machine. This is very tricky task because it is easy to make mistake, especially for gym’s newbies. The level range varies depending on the type and brand of the elliptical cross trainer but one common mistake you can make is to set this level too low. If you do that then you will not achieve any result! In the end, the effect from such training will be same as from simply reading a book or watching TV.

It is said that elliptical cross trainer is good for people who have problems with their knees due to some kind of trauma. It is true but to swim or ride a bike will be much more effective.

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