What Should I Eat Before Working Out?

Consuming the correct combination of quality protein, carbs, good fats and fluids is the mantra to a flawlessly sculpted body. Eating right could help you exercise better and fuel you for an energetic work out in the gym. Having an ideal meal will help you burn calories, lose fat and let you have the body you have always desired. There is not one but five essential things which should be focused on while having a balanced meal before work out.

  • Low fiber
  • Low fat
  • Fluids
  • Foods that suit your body
  • Moderate in protein and carbs

If you think that you are going to lose more calories by exercising on an empty stomach, particularly in the morning then you ought to give it a thought before you proceed. Your body can take some light exercises such as jogging or walking if you are empty stomach but powerful work outs in the gym requires a galvanized body for which you need to eat – eat right.

Here are some of the good foods and drinks which you could have before you kick-start your day with exercise:


This magical food is loaded with fiber that expedites a balanced release of carbohydrates into your blood circulation, which aids in a balanced supply of energy right through your exercise session. Have it sweet or salted, oats are filled with protein and fibre and is a wonderful health food.


Berries, almonds, whey and almost all fruits amalgamate amazingly with a glass of skimmed milk. Smoothies are a splendid way to intake food and fluid; they are high in protein, can be easily digested and are a perfect blend of complex and simple carbohydrates. The simple carbohydrates kick in the first twenty minutes and the complex ones hit after thirty minutes or so. This helps you in providing a stable flow of energy throughout your practice.

Whole Grain Toast

Buckwheat, quinoa, brown rice, wheat etc. burst with fibrous energy. They release slow and continuous energy through your workout. Whole grain toasts are tasty and healthy if had before a session of work out. Add some yogurt and spread a handful of pistachios or honey with some crunchy sesame seeds or layer it with some low fat butter and add some salad leaves. Honey, pistachios, sesame seeds are all rich  in iron, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, dietary fiber, Vitamin E, riboflavin and so many other good minerals and vitamins. There are endless healthy options you could plan with a slice of wholegrain toast.


Eggs are another way of fuelling your body with protein. Ensure you dump the yolk because the fat present in the yolk tends to metabolize quite sluggishly which is likely to make you feel full and slow you down during your exercise session. You can boil and consume them, scramble or maybe make an omelet with a few herbs.

Dried Fruits

Dry fruits are a great option to save your time and fill your stomach. Having a quarter cup of dried pineapple, berries and apricots gives you the instant energy you need to work out.

There are several other healthy options such as green tea, a cup of black coffee, bananas, grilled chicken breast etc. which can be had before you work out. Make sure something goes in before you start hurling out your calories.

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