Why Should Vegans Aim for Short and Intense Workouts?

A healthy diet is the key to a healthy lifestyle and is one of the reasons why people choose to be a vegetarian and follow a vegan diet. Going to a gym indicates one aim: burning fat and building a muscular body. A pursuit to build muscles is not easy and requires a perfect amalgamation of healthy diet and intense exercise. Before we can proceed to why vegans need to keep their exercises short yet intense it is important to understand what happens when you workout.

Results of Exercise

If we talk about body-building we are looking to strip our body from the fat and increase muscle build-up. Muscle is extremely flexible and reacts to the duration and intensity of workout. If your workout session is kept long your body rips you of the protein. Amino acids form your muscles and protein is made of amino acids- in short, if there is no protein there are no muscles. Fuelling your body up with protein and protein supplements is the best way to give back your body what you took from it.

Keep Your Exercise Intense and for Smaller Periods

Plant-based protein is comparably lower compared to non-vegetarian food. However, I shouldn’t be misunderstood when I say this because a vegan body-builder will look equal to a non-vegetarian body-builder who exercises in the same way. The point here is to preserve your protein so you get the same results. Short yet intense workout will help you in repairing your muscles sooner. Exercising for longer periods will drain you of your energy and make you hungry.  You don’t want to hog on food constantly and build up the fat that you have been trying to keep at bay.

What do the Studies Say?

Studies have proved that HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) will give you the same muscular and cardiovascular benefits in a couple of weeks, which a regular cardio exercise can give. HITT is a workout which alternatives amid intense exercises and fixed periods of less intense exercises or total rest.

  • HIIT workouts and weight training help the bodybuilders save their muscles while surging the weight loss from fat.
  • After a HIIT workout, you burn more calories in the coming 24 hours than a person who works out for longer sessions.
  • A high-intensity workout also triggers human growth hormone in the 24 hours after you work out by 450% which not only increases calorie burn but also slackens the process of aging.

Keep yourself fuelled with protein. You might not be able to derive protein from one type of food so ensure you have various types of protein-rich foods in a single day. Vegan protein shakes will help you in substituting for your lost protein. For a quick boost in protein, you can have a big glass of tart cherry or pomegranate juice and you will be set for your next set of intense exercise. Happy muscle building!

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