Type-2 Diabetes and Role of Insulin in Dealing with it

Diabetes is nowadays a very common problem. But it’s seriousness should not be ignored. The cause and treatment of Type-2 diabetes is related to insulin. Before we get started to how insulin is important and its role in dealing with Type-2 diabetes, let’s know what insulin actually is.

What is insulin?

You know that your body stores what you eat for its need. When you eat food, your body uses glucose from the carbohydrates of the food. It is done to provide you required energy and to store glucose for future use. Well, this work of using glucose is approved by a hormone called insulin which is produced by the pancreas. This hormone is very important to regulate your blood sugar level and keeps it from getting too high or too low.

What is Type-2 diabetes?

Diabetes is a problem that reflects high blood sugar level on your body. It states that sugar level has risen higher than normal. Type-2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes. It occurs when your body is incapable of using insulin effectively or when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin. Initially, your pancreas begins to make extra insulin to make up for it but gradually, the amount reduces. The pancreas become incapable of making enough insulin to wring glucose from your food and ultimately, blood sugar level tends to rise.

What is the role of insulin in dealing with Type-2 diabetes?

By now, you must have known how important insulin is to maintain a normal blood sugar level. Here’s some more to that explanation:

Doctors say that diabetes has no cure. However, insulin is very important for intensive blood glucose control to reduce the morbidity of diabetes. The body of Type-2 diabetes people are resistant to insulin. To increase the amount of insulin in the body and treat diabetes, various types of insulin are used. These types include rapid-acting insulin, short-acting insulin, intermediate-acting insulin and long-acting insulin. Several ways are used to inject insulin into the body. A continuous flow of insulin is maintained by insulin pump, injection pen and syringe. Doctors recommend the type of insulin that’s the best for the patient according to the blood sugar levels and lifestyle.

A lot of things are to be kept in mind for maintaining a normal blood sugar level. And according to BigTimeDaily, not everyone diagnosed with this disease needs insulin. So it’s important to consult the doctor and ask for suggestions.

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