How to Stay Fit & Exercise While Travelling or on Holiday?

If you are on a strict gym routine, trust me an upcoming or unwanted trip is going to bother you a lot. There are some really great and effective ways to maintain your hard earned success at the gym while you are on a holiday or a business trip.

Carry Your Protein Bars

Protein bars are one of the healthiest snacks for Bodybuilders that come as a packaged food. Having Protein bars with you all the time ensure that, your food cravings do not turn to Unhealthy Food at an Airport Fast Food or Snack Centres for satisfaction. Also, during long journeys having a protein bar handy helps you keep full and avoids starvation.

Travel On Foot when Possible

If you are on a Holiday, avoid the need for taxis as much as possible, especially for short distances. Travelling on Foot ensures you burn off any extra and unwanted calories you may have consumed at a restaurant or your hotel.

Choose the Right Hotel

Whenever, I am on a trip there are 2 things I look for in a hotel. And one of them is going to be very obvious.

  • Gym or Fitness Centre – I believe, there is no need to explain why do I need a gym. Just remember to carry your sports shoes. Most hotels have a strict policy regarding footwear.
  • Swimming Pool – Oh Yea! Its Fun and Its a Calorie Burner. It Involves so many muscle movements, that it almost replicates a full body workout inspite of being a cardio exercise. Plus, if you come out of the pool looking all shredded and nice, people will surely say – You have a Swimmer’ Body.

chose the right hotel

Exercise in your Room

There are a ton of exercises which you are aware of, and can be done without any gym equipments. If your hotel doesn’t have a gym, or you are staying with family or friends then Home Workouts are your best friend. Just for 30 Minutes daily, try doing a mix of push ups and all its variations, ab exercises(crunches, leg raises,etc), jumping jacks, lunges, squats, etc.

Don’t Eat Buffets

Don’t prebook any Breakfast or Dinner Buffet’s at your hotel. Snack on your Protein bars in your free time, and always selectively order from a-la-carté, picking the food which is best suited for your needs. Also, if possible carry 2 shakers with you. One Empty and one filled with Protein Powder. Use the empty shaker to make and drink your protein shakes, and re-using it after washing.

Stop Worrying and Enjoy your Trip

If you have been really disciplined and working hard at your gym, a 7 day break from exercises and diet isn’t going to do much harm to you at all. Its not really that easy to lose muscle so quickly and easily unless those muscles have not been naturally gained(if you know what i mean :P). And secondly, even if you feel you are out of shape after a week or even 10 days of no gym. Trust me, 2 Workout sessions are going to restore your faith in your physique and you will be back where you were before your holidays.

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