How Does Sleep help with Recovery?

Have you ever had a sleepless night? If you did then you know this terrible feeling when you are out of power, feel dizzy and angry. Just one sleepless night makes you understand the importance of sleep for a human being. We get tired during a day and we need to recover during a night. Scientists say that an average person requires from 6 to 8 hours of sleep every day. While a sportsman who goes to a gym several times a week needs from 8 to 10 hours of sleep to fully recover.

Advantages of recovering at night:

  1. The body is relaxed. The more a body part is relaxed the more it is nourished by blood and the more it will recover.
  2. Metabolism slows down and body temperature decreases which leads to extending the lifecycle.
  3. The body heals micro traumas received during a heavy training session and builds muscle mass.
  4. Important hormones such as growth hormones and melatonin are generated more intensively during the night.
  5. Body stocks of specific chemical substances used for making training sessions safer and more effective are being refilled during sleep. These substances are responsible for concentration, motivation, and energy level. They are wasted during hard training sessions and only quality sleep can help to refill them.
  6. Sleep is important for the immune system and mental health in general. Lack of sleep will slow down some important living processes, lower resistance of the immunity system to diseases and decrease your results gained in the gym.

All of the above shows how curial quality night sleep is for people’s health and for gaining good results in the gym.

On the contrary, lack of sleep leads to the following:

  1. Less time for sleep means less time for recovering and building muscle mass.
  2. Less sleep means more stress. Take it into account during the next training session, otherwise, you may overtrain.
  3. Lack of sleep slows down the generation of hormones needed for building muscle mass. If your body doesn’t have them in the required amount, then you will gain more fat and lose precious muscles.
  4. As mentioned before, lack of a night rest leads to dizziness. It will definitely lower your attentiveness and concentration in the gym and may lead to traumas. Also, little concentration may lead to mistakes when exercising. Keep in mind that improper technique will not bring you desired results.

Lack of sleep

How can you get the most from night sleep to recover properly?

First of all, remember that quality is more important than the amount. Here are some tips that will help you improve the quality of your sleep.

  • Ventilate a room where you sleep before going to bed since oxygen stimulates recovery.
  • Don’t go to bed if you have important unsolved issues on your mind. Otherwise, thoughts will keep you awake at night or you will wake up several times. Try to solve them or just forget about them till the next morning.
  • Sleep in silence. Light and noise disturb the quality of a good rest.
  • Make a bed, pillows and a blanket comfortable. Or substitute ones that you have with comfortable ones.
  • Eat food that is rich in protein in your last meal. It prevents muscle mass from “burning” during the night.

A conclusion is simple – quality sleep brings quality results.

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