Are There Any Side Effects of Veganism?

Deciding to embark on the Vegan lifestyle is a personal choice that can be different for everyone. Some people decide to go Vegan because they don’t want animals harmed, while others may feel better when they do not consume animal protein. Eating a Vegan diet has been greatly debated and many wonder if there are negative side effects associated with this lifestyle. The truth is, a Vegan diet has many health benefits that have convinced many people it is the way they want to eat. Here are some pleasant side effects associated with Veganism –


Veganism has been found to help prevent a variety of unpleasant medical conditions and diseases. Here are a few conditions Veganism may help ward off –

  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Cancer
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Arthritis

veganism cures diabetes

Weight Control

Eating a Vegan diet can be helpful when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off. This type of diet eliminates a variety of foods that are high in fat and that can lead to weight loss. Vegan diets can also help improve insulin sensitivity, which also helps control weight.



Veganism has profound effects on the environment and helps reduce our carbon footprint. The demand for vegetables that comes with a plant-based diet, means growing more produce. It has been estimated that the land required to grow plants is about one-third less than needed to raise livestock. It also takes far less water to sustain plant growth, unlike the requirements for livestock. It has also been found that the primary source of water pollution is slurry and manure produced by livestock. These contain dangerous levels of nitrogen and phosphor which can enter our water system in lakes, streams, and rivers. This can lead to the death of fish and contamination of other animals that drink the water.

Healthy Skin

Eliminating dairy and junk foods has been found to help many Vegans adopt a healthier glow. Many people report having less acne, irritation and dry skin patches once they commit to a Vegan diet. This means less money spent on chemicals and facial treatments to improve skin appearance.

healthy skin and improved sleep

Improved Sleep

Many people find they slept far better once they made the switch to Veganism. Eating in this manner can improve the quality of sleep as well. This means you may feel better and more energetic, with less sleep than before.

Switching to Veganism is an individual choice that many people have made. If you have chosen to live this lifestyle, you may find the health benefits are limitless. In addition, you can feel good about making a contribution to our planet by making choices that reduce pollution and water needs. Striking a balance between your food choices and your lifestyle is key to reaping the benefits of Veganism.

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