Is It Safe To Use Whey Protein Powder?

There are two essential proteins that make up milk – whey and casein. In the process of making cheese also one of the by-products obtained is whey, and besides being low in lactose whey also comprises of all the nine essential amino acids important for human body. Whey protein is a prized possession for the body builders as it encourages muscle building and also acts as a hunger suppressant. Aiming to have bulging muscles is good but whey protein is much more than just aiding in building muscles.

There are myths about whether or not whey should be consumed. But it happens to be that protein works wonders for our body and here is why you should have whey.

Suppresses Hunger Pangs

One of the important factors in building a sculpted body is also to burn fat. Eating on time and in a controlled way is the right way to burn fat. Snacking is in between meals is a bad idea. Whey protein helps in keeping you full and avoids building up on the fats which you took much pain to burn. Try having a glass of protein shake before you hang out with friends or go for a party; you are bound to eat less of the starters or those fat accumulating snacks.

Lose Weight, Repair and Preserve’s Muscles

A whey protein not only helps in building new muscles but helps in preserving the ones you already have. Whey helps in stimulating protein synthesis in the body. Protein synthesis is nothing but a fundamental biological process through which individual cells build up their own protein. Hence, by triggering this process whey helps to repair all and regain the lost muscles fast. A 12 week study in Minnesota showed that the participants who consumed whey protein burned more fat in comparison to those who didn’t.

Get rid of belly fat

Better Immunity System

Male body builders who work out intensely at the gym tend to suffer from a decrease in glutathione levels which affects the immune, nervous and gastrointestinal systems. Protein supplements help in decreasing the reduction of glutathione levels. Adding whey to your daily routine helps you remain fit not only physically but internally too.

Increased Strength and Bigger Size

Are there no improvements in your body even after spending so much time in the gym? Power lifting, weight lifting and other intense exercises eat into your energy and muscles. The food that we eat might not have enough proteins to supplement for what you lost. So when you eat you only build up what you lost and continue to look the same. A protein rich supplement – whey helps you in adding more muscles to your body. Whey helps in increasing muscle strength and fat-free mass. The best way would be to have the whey an hour before and after your workout session.

Additional Benefits

Studies show that protein helps in keeping cancer at bay specifically that of colon and prostate. Whey also brings about changes in the brain serotonin that will help you keep stress at bay. Depression has consequences which are always negative.

Dump your glass of alcohol and gush down a glass of whey protein which is a safe and healthy drink for you to have.

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