Role of Water in Weight Loss

Everyone will agree that water is essential for our body. More than half of the human’s body consists of the water. Keeping up this amount through life is important for health because dehydration may lead to severe problems. This is a bad impact of lack of water in our body and what is the good impact of its regular consumption?

Reasons to Drink Water Regularly

First of all, it strengthens our immunity system, boosts metabolism and helps us get rid of toxins. It also regulates body temperature, nourishes its cells and takes part in digestion. Impressive, isn’t it? But remember that only pure water gives such a good effect. Tea, coffee, and juice are liquids and they may on the contrary lead to the dehydration. Now let’s see the role of water in weight loss.

It’s very simple! Many times people confuse thirst with hunger. It means that not every time you want to eat you actually needs to eat. That’s why a glass of pure water can substitute a chocolate bar, a cookie or a sandwich. Experts even suggest to keep a bottle of water near the fridge. So every time you feel hungry, drink a glass of water and wait for about 20 minutes. If you feel satisfied, then it was thirst and if you still feel hungry and there is some time left until the main meal, have a healthy snack. Good examples are a fruit, a bottle of yogurt or a handful of nuts.

To obtain better results, experts recommend to start drinking water in the morning right after you wake up. A glass of water in the morning will not only fill your stomach but will also “start your engine”.  The same works for the time before bed. A glass of water in the evening will prevent you from eating before night. It’s very simple!

Besides losing weight, water also helps you to get rid of the cellulite and improve the way your skin looks. Drinking pure water regularly will keep your skin in tone thus making it resistant to the cellulite.

Don’t get too obsessed!don't be obsessed

Water can play a trick with you if you do not follow the following requirements. Don’t drink water with ice. Cold water slows down metabolism, which leads to accumulation of extra weight. The best temperature for drinking water is about 200 C.

Also, don’t drink water when eating food. Water prevents gastric juice from doing its work effectively. Drinking water with meat or vegetables can be allowed sometimes, but it never can be with flour products as bread or pastry. In that case with high probability, you will also end up with an unpleasant feeling in your stomach.

Finally, drinking too much water may lead to more serious problems than not drinking enough of it. Then, instead of nourishing your organism, it will wash away useful minerals!

So how much water an average person needs in order to succeed in weight loss and not harm his or her health? Experts say it’s about 2-3 liters a day. And remember that only pure water counts. Do not include water from fruits or other foods into this measurement.

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