Are Packaged Soups Really Healthy?

Convenient food such as packaged soup has become increasingly common these days. Those glossy television advertisements might make the soup sound healthy, but the truth is that the nutrient content of the soup does not stay fresh in spite of all the preservatives used. A homemade soup with just a few vegetables is much more healthy than its packaged counterpart.

Health experts and doctors explain that these packaged soup are harmful to our body. These lip-smacking foods have very low nutrient content and make you obese. These packaged soups do not carry half of the nutrients of a soup, because nutrition cannot be stored for such a long. Moreover, all the nutrients in a packaged soup are in powdered form, and when they come in contact with heat they lose all the important vitamins.

One might think that these packaged soups are rich in calories. That’s not true at all. These soups only contain empty calories. These empty calories stay in the body for much longer and do not get absorbed properly, thus leading to problems like constipation.

Many companies use cans with bisphenol-A (BPA) lining. BPA is a toxic chemical, which is hazardous for health and can lead to cancer, asthma, and infertility. It has been identified as a potent endocrine disruptor, which means it ruptures the endocrine system and interferes with the hormones.

Harmful components of packaged soup


This is the most common ingredient in a packaged soup. Cornflour is added in high amounts to a packaged soup for a thick consistency. Research suggests that cornflour can increase the blood sugar levels. Cornflour is mixed in sumptuous quantities, which leads to fat deposits in the body, which makes one hungrier and further leads to overeating. It is also bad for the intestine.

High sodium level

Packaged soups have high levels of sodium, which can lead to high blood pressure, heart diseases and stroke.


High dose of preservatives is added to packaged soup to extend their shelf life. Sulfites or Coal Tar Azo Dyes are some kinds of preservatives that are widely used in soup, these can cause cancer and other health hazards.



This is another ingredient that is very leniently used in packaged soups. This is very harmful to people with high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and kidney diseases. Also, a high amount of salt leads to water retention in the body making you look bloated.

Fancy advertising and marketing gimmicks get the best of everyone, at some point in time, but the truth is the nutrient value of packaged soup reduces over time in spite of all the preservatives added. People consume these packaged soups because of convenience and affordability, but what they do not understand that hazardous chemicals are just getting accumulated in their body, which could usher in a host of illnesses. People might be saving money by buying such cheap products, but this saved money is actually getting added to their medical bill later in life.

Do not consider something being sold as healthy without evaluating the truth behind it.

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