Is CBD Safe for Vegetarians?

CBD is one of the recommended components for good health. It contains a wide variety of nutrients that are beneficial for the body. Adding CBD hemp gummies, oil or simply hemp seeds may help you easily meet your daily requirements for health and fitness.

While you know this is beneficial, is it really vegetarian friendly?

Yes it is!

CBD products are derived from the cannabis or hemp plant. Since this is a plant, it is totally vegetarian friendly, and even Vegan friendly.

Talking about nutrients, people who eat non-vegetarian food can easily get the required nutrient intake. But in the case of vegetarian people, plant-based foods are often insufficient. Here, CBD helps you cover those missing nutrients. There are numerous ways in which these products help such people.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

It is usually difficult to get Omega 3 fatty acids from the regular diet of vegetarian people. And only one kind of such acids are found in plants. There are various advantages of consuming omega 3 fatty acids:

  • They provide energy to your body
  • Helps in functioning of the heart, lungs, immune system, blood vessels, etc.
  • Supports structure of cell membranes.

These fatty acids are not produced by the body itself, hence needs to be obtained from an external diet. Hemp or cannabis products provide you with the ideal ratio of 1:3 of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids.

Protein Source

There are very few products which provide you with the required protein intake. But your body really needs a good amount of protein to repair tissues and muscles.

How will you get such protein? Turn to plants.

There are various plants that are rich in protein, and which provide people with protein intake more than the non-vegetarian products. Hemp is one of those plants which provides you with the adequate quantity of protein. It has 5.3 gm of protein per tablespoon.

Contrary to popular belief, protein is the macronutrient for a body, just like fats and carbohydrates. That means your body needs protein in large quantities, since this is an important component of each and every cell in your body. Protein is used to build and repair tissues, and make body chemicals, hormones, and enzymes.

Hemp is regarded as a full-fledged protein source. All the 20 amino acids required by the body are present in this plant. Out of these 20, 11 are made by body itself. But 9 you definitely need from outside, which hemp successfully provides.

Source of Iron

Hemp is also a great animal free source of iron that your body needs for hemoglobin formation. Compared to meat eaters, you need twice as much iron as they get.

And iron is needed to build hemoglobin. It is the primary component in your red blood cells which transport oxygen in your body. With the lack of sufficient iron, enough red blood cells would not be formed, hence oxygen deficiency might arise. If you are physically active, you need even more iron to function.

You can get all of this from the hemp plant. They are a great source of protein for your body.

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