What Iron Supplements Should Vegans Take?

The new generation is increasingly making healthy lifestyle choices, be it the working hours or daily schedules. Most of the working professionals and other people, who live a modern lifestyle, are also changing their eating habits. A good number of these people are becoming vegetarian, as it is considered one of the healthiest lifestyle choices. It reduces the risk of heart problems, obesity and a number of other ailments that plague the society today.

Though, there is a big misconception, a misunderstanding, that being vegan means, being malnourished in some way. This thinking is farthest from the truth. As, any other food choice, if you eat a balanced diet of vegetarian food, there is absolutely no protein or vitamin in your meals. This argument has been countered by a lot of people. To answer this, we looked at one such important supplement: Iron.

So the next question is: What Iron Supplement Vegans Take?

vegetables for a vegan

Firstly, we need to understand the importance and the role of the Iron in our body. It is the mineral that helps the red blood cells in carrying oxygen and other nutrients to every cell of our body, which makes it extremely critical for our system. It is true that vegans have lower stores of iron than omnivores. As lower stores of iron, doesn’t actually means, iron deficiency, because it is still considered to be normal. In fact, due to these lower normal iron stores, vegans have a lower rate of cancer and heart diseases, as it improves insulin functions of our body.

Now that we have explained the role of iron and its advantages, we can go back to the original question. What Iron supplement should vegans take?

As we had discussed earlier, that eating a balanced meal is the key, let us start by identifying main sources of iron in vegan food items:


Another great source of iron is legumes. You can begin to increase your iron stores by ensuring the presence of lentils or soybeans in your food, additionally you can also rely upon tofu and lima beans.


grains cereal

Grains are one of the best sources of iron. You can add quinoa and fortified cereals to your meals. Having brown rice or a breakfast of oatmeal will also help in increasing iron stores in your body.

Seeds and nuts

Certain seeds and nuts have been a known source of iron for a long time. So, making pumpkin, pine, squash and sunflower a part of your regular meal will help as well. Similarly, dry fruits like cashews and pistachio are a rich source of iron and some of the other important proteins.


The most common and easily available sources for iron are vegetables, the main source of food for us. You can get a higher percentage of iron just by adding tomato sauce, Swiss chard or collard greens.

These are some of the most commonly available iron sources that you can eat to maintain a healthy level of iron in your body.


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