How to Learn Doing Pull Ups Quickly?

Pull ups(Wide Grip Chin Ups) are considered to be one of the most difficult exercises in the list of all body weight workouts. Even people who have some experience lifting the weights aren’t able to do it. But from fitness point of view, a fit person should be fully capable of lifting his own bodyweight.

For people its very difficult to learn chin ups on their own, because there is no proper learning technique for this exercise which is well known. All you can hear people saying is practice, practice and practice. But, if you wish to learn to do this exercise quick and fast, follow my technique.

Build Your Strength

Before you become an expert in chin ups and pull ups its important that you have strong muscles. Focus on strengthening the following Muscles:

  • Arms – Biceps and Forearms
  • Upper Back

And Do all exercises for the above muscles which can boost your strength and try to lift at your peak capacity and increase it gradually. Because, pull ups involve a Pull Movement, which require strong biceps.

Make Pull ups your First Exercise Everyday

After your warm up, try doing a chip up. Try as hard as you can for one rep. But don’t overdo it and pull your muscles. You need energy for rest of your workout. This will help you keep track of where you are in terms of strength. After you fail to do it, there are 2 things you can do next.

  • Partner Supported Pull Ups – Ask your friend or workout partner to push your knees up while you try to do the pull up, do as many reps as you can. This is the fastest way to learn doing pull ups without any help or support.
  • Weight Assisted Pull Ups – You gym must have a Machine meant for practising chin/pull ups, with weight assistance. Do it with least weight possible. And pick a weight on which you can not do more than 4-5 reps. Don’t choose and easy weight and try finishing your 10 reps.

Practise Other Exercises First

There are 2 More exercises which are similar to pull ups and are relatively easier to do. Practice them first if you are really unable to perform even your first pull up.

  • Chin Ups – This exercise is primarily for biceps but helps strengthen your movement.
  • Close Grip Chin ups – Similar to Wide Grip(or simply chin ups), but your palms face each other before closing them.

Practice these 2 exercises, on a regular basis and soon you should be able to do wide grip chin ups without any weight or support.

And at the end it comes to the good old advice: practice, practice and practice. But this time you know how to proceed.

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