How to Choose a Good Protein Bar?

Protein Bars are delicious and healthy snacks for everyone including bodybuilders and weight loss enthusiasts. They are rich in protein(obviously) and also contain lots of vitamins and minerals. But, still there are so many options with lots of prices. We will help you choose the right protein bar for your exact needs.

Bulking/Muscle Gain

Go for an All Round Protein bar. Something which contains Lots of Protein, Good Amount of Carbs and also some Healthy Fats. You need not watch out for anything like Sugar, etc. Also, try to look for Protein Bar which contain lots of Calories(250+) in one bar, so that the entire bar is your one meal.

Weight Loss

For very obvious reasons, you need a protein bar which is low in calories. Look for something like low calorie, smaller serving and more protein:carb ratio. For you, one protein bar should not have more than 150 calories. Also, find something rich in vitamins.


If you are trying to get rid of Body fat, then eating protein bars everyday is not a good idea for you. Because, protein bars are also rich in carbohydrates and sugar. Even if you find a good Protein bar, try to replace it with Salads or Boiled Vegetables. Because, shredding is not an easy thing to do and Protein Bar, is something that would be called a cheat meal here.

Expensive Protein bars

On the shelf, you will find pretty expensive protein bars with prices upto (Rs. 300) $5 per protein bar. You need to ask yourself the question. Is it really worth it? You can get way more whey protein in one scoop of your protein powder, and it costs 5 times less than the $5 Protein bar. I personally, never go for them.

I buy relatively cheap Protein bars from Amazon or any online store, and eat them not more than 2-3 times a week.

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