How Much Protein Do Vegetarian Women Really Need?

How much protein needed by vegetarian women is a very common question that most of the nutritionist have claimed of facing very often. According to most of the people, non-vegetarian get the recommended protein from fish, meat, egg etc. while the vegan are left with bit less choices to fulfil their recommended protein per day. But this is completely a wrong concept. According to doctors,

Average minimum recommended protein = 46 gms per day

This value is irrespective of vegan and non-vegetarian while we all intake adequate amount of protein compared to the needed amount. For example, the non-vegetarians intake about 80 gms protein per day while the vegetarian intake about 60-70 gms of protein per day.

As per the RDA recommendation, the male vegan should intake 63 gms protein per day while this amount should be 52 gms in case of female vegan. This recommendation is based on 0.9 gms protein per kilogram body weight considering the average weight of male 70 kilogram. And this calculation would be 0.8 gms of protein per kilogram body weight considering the average weight of female is 57.5 kilogram.

There are huge sources of protein in vegetables and the vegan will be flooded with loads of options for that. Almost all kind of vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, beans, peas, nuts, seeds, grains etc. contain huge amount of protein. However, fruits do not contain that much of protein. There are many who are really obsessed with protein and focus highly on having great amount of protein intake. But as long as your calorie intake is adequate, no need to worry for protein intake as about 1 calories out of 10 that you intake come from protein. This is valid for weight loss programs only, if you are also focused on gaining weight or muscle, its a different story altogether.

Protein is no doubt a vital part of nutrition but that does not require you to consume huge amount of it. Rather it is highly important to have a varied diet throughout the day to stay active and healthy. However, here are some protein rich foods that you consider having to meet the recommended protein.


Legumes and beans

Legumes such as lentils, chickpeas, green peas, soybeans, kidney beans etc. are protein rich foods and also contain other nutrition like iron, fibre, potassium, phosphorus etc. ½ cup cooked lentil contains 9 gms protein while you can have 8 gms protein from a ½ cup cooked chickpeas.

Dairy foods

Greek Yoghurt

Dairy products such as milk, yogurt, cheese, paneer etc. are known to be rich in calcium but your body will get great amount of protein as well from these foods.



Also known as bean curd tofu is an excellent source of protein and a ½ cup of firm tofu offer 10gms dietary proteins. Also it contains polysaturated fatty acid and omega-3 fatty acid which is known to improve the heart health.



Almond, cashew, etc. are some nuts to supply great amount of protein in us. Apart from protein they also contain heart-healthy fats, vitamin E and dietary fiber which are really good for health.

So, there is no need to worry about the protein intake even though you are a vegetarian as all of us keep on consuming variety of foods all through the day which definitely fulfill the recommended protein intake for sure.

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