How many Push ups should you do during your Workout?

Push-ups is an exercise in which most people lose their gym virginities. Its the first actual exercise most of us do in our lives, followed by pull-ups, chin-ups, etc. Even though a beginner’s exercise, push-ups is one of the best bodyweight exercises one can and must do. But, we often hear people saying I did 100 Pushups today. Awesome! But why did they do that? Probably because they can, and that’s the only reason.

From the Physique Building point of view, what exercises you do and how much you do it is of great importance. If you are an endurance athlete or a runner, which little to no interesting in gymming, per se, then you can do as many push-ups you want. Along with strengthening your chest muscles, it will also build up your stamina.

Proper Tempo

For those of us, who are trying to build strength and bulk up its important that we are able to do push-ups in a way that it builds our strength. And for that its important we do it correctly and slowly. Fast Pushups are much less effective than the way I am going to tell you. In fact, I am going to tell you 3 methods.

  • Slow Down, Slow Up – In this you go down and up both slowly. Around 3 seconds each. So, your 1 repetition of push up amounts to 5-6 seconds.
  • Slow Down, Fast up – You go down slowly, but push yourself up faster.
  • Fast Down, Slow up – You know it 😉

Mix and Match these methods on your different workout days. Do it completely slow on day 1, and a different variation a next day and so on.

Variations in Push Up

Once you are expert in performing push-ups on a flat surface, try the different varieties for push-ups. The most common are inclined and declined. In Declined, you place your legs on a higher surface, while your arms are on the ground. It’s the opposite for inclined push-ups.

There are many more variations of Push-ups. But that’s a topic for a different post.

Benefits of this Technique

  • The most important benefit of this technique is that you are not letting your body get used to one single method or movement, and it’s very important for both burning calories and gaining muscle.
  • It ensures overall development of your chest muscle. By targetting our chest from different angles, we ensure the chest muscle develops evenly.
  • Strengths multiple movement actions. Now your arms and chest are capable of pushing and pulling in multiple directions and angles. Very important for other weighted exercises.

How Many Push-ups are Good?

If you are going to follow the tempo I explained, then chances are you won’t be able to do as many as 100 push-ups for sure. So the Right thing would be to include pushups atleast 4 days a week in your warm up exercises.

  • Day 1 – 3 to 4 Sets of Flat Pushups, 20-25 Reps each.
  • Day 2 – 3 to 4 Sets of Declined Pushups, 20-25 Reps each.
  • Day 3- 3 to 4 Sets of Inclined Pushups, 20-25 Reps each.
  • Day 4 – Mixed Variation of all the above, with varying tempos as well.

Follow this for 2 to 3 weeks, and you will for yourself see a positive difference in your strength and workout performance.

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