How Effective is Cardio for Weight Loss?

If you ask this question to several people, you will receive completely different answers. Some think that cardio plays important role in weight loss and you need to do it every day, some think that 3-4 times a week is be enough while others may be sure that cardio is a waste of time. So which of them is right?

The last opinion is the closest one to the truth. You don’t need cardio to lose weight because it is not effective by itself. In order to prove it, let’s see what results you can reach if doing just cardio. There are two ways to do it. First one is the high-intensity interval training where you take turns running and walking or run at different speed. This type of training is more effective, but doesn’t suit everybody. Newbies, elderly people or ones with health problems are not recommended to do so. Another type of cardio is more wide-spread. It is low-intensity training when you walk or run maintaining the same speed. It is not only boring but also ineffective. For example, if you do cardio 3 times a week for 40 minutes, then you will lose 600 calories a week and if you continue doing it for a year then you will lose about 8 kilos. 70-462 Doesn’t look like a great result. But these are just the bare numbers on the machine. They will be the same for every person who does cardio with the same intensity for the same time. These numbers can be influenced with the help of a diet or/and gym training.

Cardio and Diet Plan

Remember that cardio makes you hungry and stimulates you to eat more food than you normally do. That’s why if you do not control your nutrition, cardio may lead to weight gaining instead of weight loss. On the other hand, if you have a balanced diet plan which you follow then regular exercises on a treadmill or any other type of machine will help you lose at least 2 kilos a month!

Cardio and Gym Training

A good idea is to combine cardio with gym training sessions. This way you will not only lose unwanted fat, but also gain muscles! It’s the right way for a dream body. OG0-093 There are some rules here that you need to remember. Don’t do much cardio before the training session (10 minutes is enough to warm up). Otherwise, you will be exhausted and the following session will not be efficient. After the session is over you can do cardio for half an hour or even more (just preserve some powers to get back home).


In the end, it can be said that cardio by itself is good for training your cardiovascular system and keeping yourself in tone. In order to reach significant results in weight loss, cardio needs to be combined with training sessions and a proper diet plan. Such a combination provides results that will last long.

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