How to Gain Strength, not Weight?

At some point, a person who goes to a gym finds him or herself happy with the way he or she looks. This person doesn’t want to grow bigger anymore. He is happy with his/her weight though… not happy with his/her strength. Such a situation usually happens with men but ladies can also face it. There is a common myth that in order to gain strength you need to gain weight. The stronger you are the bigger you are. But this is just a myth that you need to forget about and instead concentrate on becoming stronger while maintaining the same weight. There are 3 basic components that are required for achieving such a result. They are – proper nutrition, training, and vitamins.

The most important is nutrition

It makes a half or even more of success. Your nutrition is tightly connected to your weight. If you have a surplus of calories then you inevitably gain weight and on the contrary, if you have a deficiency you lose weight. That’s why if you want to maintain the weight you need to maintain calories at zero points. It means that you need to waste the same amount of calories as you consume. Create a diary where you can keep track of income and outcome of calories every day. This way you will keep your nutrition under control.

Training program

The best idea is to combine basic exercises with ones using trainers. Basic exercises like squats, deadlift, chest press are important for boosting your strength but too much of them will certainly lead to gaining weight. Since you don’t want that, basic exercises need to involve from 2 to 7 reps. Use maximum weights, this way you will gain strength, not weight. A training session can not consist of only basic exercises, otherwise, you will get physically and mentally exhausted very soon. Add some exercises on trainers, they will only contribute to achieving great results. For example, your training session can consist of 3-4 basic exercises and 2-3 ones using trainers.

And what about cardio?

In this type of training, cardio is not obligatory. If you lead an active and healthy lifestyle and already happy with your reflection in a mirror, then just skip it. But if you have some extra fat that you want to get rid of, half an hour of cardio twice a week will be enough.

Vitamins are needed to nourish your body during exhausting training sessions. It is also suggested to consume powdered protein or BCAA to keep your muscles in tone. Another helpful thing when you aim for gaining strength instead of weight is creatine.

Remember that only a combination of all of above will lead to success. This process is quite long and complicated and has its limits. After some time, you will not be able to proceed to gain strength without weight. It is natural. So have patience and achieve desired results.

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