Fruits vs Juices! Should You Really Drink Fruit Juice?

Fruit Juices have been a part of our lives for a very long time now. And they become an active part of our diet regime when we are trying to lose weight or eat healthy. But, if you go through the internet you’d see many people advise against drinking the fruit juices and recommend the actual fruit instead. There are 2 sides of this coin, and let’s take a look at both of them.

Benefits of Drinking Juices over Fruits

  • Works as a Thirst Quencher. When you are thirsty, you really need a cold glass of juice, eating a fruit won’t help here.
  • Easier to Drink¬†than Eat. For example, Pomegranate Juice. Trust me, peeling and eating Pomegranate is one heck of a task, and we don’t really want to do it. So, to take in all the benefits of Pomegranate without going through the trouble of peeling pomegranates, juice is your friend here.
  • Mixed Fruit Juices give you Nutritional Benefit of Multiple Fruits in one Glass. It’s not otherwise possible to eat those many fruits at once.

Benefits of Eating Fruit Directly

  • Approximately 3 Times more nutritional value than the juice.
  • Completely Natural, No Preservatives or Added Sugars.
  • Contains whole fibre, which is lost when converting to juice. And Fibre is extremely essential for weight loss.
  • Makes you feel full for very long. If you want to lose weight, this is an important aspect. You don’t want to feel hungry quickly after your meal.

Packaged Juices: The Culprit

The real culprit which make drinking juices a wrong thing to do are the Packaged Juices you see in the store. They contain massive amounts of added sugar, which reverse the purpose of drinking fruit juice. So, Always go for Natural Fruit Juices(homemade) or try purchasing those juices which have No added sugar.

Bottomline: If you are trying to lose weight or get ripped. Choose Fruits over juices if you can. And stay away from packaged drinks. And if you are a healthy person, or somebody trying to bulk up and increase muscle, you can go for fruits as well as their juices alike.

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