Five “Variety” Vegan Foods to Enhance Muscle Mass

People who believe plant-based eaters to be frail, skinny and undernourished are not quite right. Every individual has been created differently. Weight, gender, age, etc. are all factors which contribute to muscle building in your body. Consuming 1.2 to 2.0 gms of protein for every pound of your bodyweight will lead to muscle building. The quantity of the required amount of protein is not a small amount. You need to break up your eating habits into smaller meals several times a day as bulk eating could not be healthy and is not advisable.

The other two essential macronutrients for muscle build-up are fats and protein. Carbohydrates are for the instant energy to help you in your work outs. Fats help in slowing down the absorption of the carbs to keep you energetic always.

So here are five muscle building vegan foods which are going to help you get those bulging muscles like Popeye!



Although quinoa may look like rice and even have to be cooked like other grains but quinoa is in reality a seed. There are nine amino acids which are essential for the body and which the body at times cannot always produce itself, that are present in this miracle seed. A cup of quinoa will provide you with 8 gms of protein. The seeds are also rich in carbs which will keep you going through a rigorous workout.

Legumes and Beans

Legumes and beans

Peas, beans, soybeans, lentils all are a great source of protein, carbohydrates and unsaturated fats. Besides aiding you with your muscle build they also keep you full. Beans and rice is a great option to have; besides supplying you with protein a bowl full of it will fuel you with carbohydrates that are much needed for your exercise regime.



These crunchy goodies are not only great to taste but also high in protein and good fats. You have a range of nuts which you can choose from. Almonds, cashewnuts, peanuts, walnuts and chestnuts are some of them. You could add them in your salads, desserts, have them in form of butter or simply munch on a handful of them.

A cup of almonds are enriched with 30 gms of protein and about 71 gms of good fat.


Sunflower Seeds

Chia, sesame, flax and sunflower seeds are loaded with good fats and protein. Adding a tablespoon of chia or flaxseed to a glass of smoothie before your exercise helps you recover all your lost muscles. They contain fiber, omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants. Flax seeds are known boost burning of fats and trigger weight loss.



Tempeh is a soy product which is a rich source of protein, vitamins and dietary fiber. Your body is supplied with 30.78 gms of protein if you consume a cup of tempeh. You can make a variety of dishes from Tempeh as this food is super easy to digest.

Remember to consume small meals at regular interval for best and immediate results.

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