First Time in a Gym. What to do?

Congratulations! You are now on the path of a healthy lifestyle. First time in the gym is as thrilling as the first time at school or new workplace. It is okay if you are a little nervous. By using following advice your first time in the gym will go the right way.

Set your Goals

Most importantly you need to clearly understand what made you decide to start training. Many people skip this step and make a big mistake. Correctly set goals are basis for the future success! That’s why take some time to write down realistic and achievable goals for the training process. It can be something like “to loose 10 pounds in a month” or “to lift 120 pounds by the New Year”. This will make your first time in gym very effective.

Find a Coach

Once you come to the sport center, find a coach. And do not just catch him on the way when he is probably busy, instead try to have a good long conversation with him. This will make him think that you are serious in your intention to change your body and you will receive plenty of advice. Such service is usually not free. A good idea would be to buy 2 or 3 personal training sessions with coach and use these time productively. Each person is unique and requires unique approach to both training and nutrition process. Coach will help you with designing personalised program for you. You will need to measure your height, weight and other measures that may be required for understanding your physiology at the moment. After receiving the program it’s up to you whether you want to continue training with coach or not. Also remember to tell him about your eating habits because a great body can’t be built just in the gym. Proper nutrition is half of the total success.

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Things to keep in mind and do during the first and every day in the gym:

  • Take time to warm up. It is very important because training “cool” with high probability will lead to physical trauma or at least inconvenience. Exercises and/or cardio will work perfectly! It is suggested to warm up for about 10-15 minutes.
  • Drink water every 20-25 minutes to keep your body hydrated.
  • Do not waste your time. Work only according to your training program. Do not loose time doing things that will not lead to the sexy body.
  • Use suitable weights. Too light weight will not bring you desired results while too heavy ones may lead to traumas. Professionals advise to use weight that equals about 70% from the maximum weight you can work with for each trainer.
  • Cool Down. In the end make a light stretch for a few minutes. This will lessen pain the next day.
  • Keep Track. Put information about your training process in your personal training agenda. This will help you to track the results and make corrections with time if needed.

Those are the basics that will help every newbie in his or her first day in the gym. Have a good luck and achieve great results!

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