My Favourite Natural Pre Workout Foods & Snacks

In order to achieve great results in a gym, you need to work hard regularly. Normally a person has 3-4 training session a week and some also do cardio in between.

Where to get Energy for such an active lifestyle?

Even if you are tired or bored you still need to go to the gym if you have a planned training session this day. There are substances that will help you to gain needed energy level. The easiest way is to order them online or go to a sports store. But before doing so, ask yourself whether you really need it. In a long-run chemical, an intrusion may bring more harm than help to your body. That’s why consider natural pre-workouts. You can easily buy them at the nearest food store or maybe you already have them at home! Those are:

  • Caffeine. It will boost your metabolism and give you extra powers that you lack so much. Besides, it is a perfect product for burning fat. Caffeine will increase a rate of fat oxidation during your training session. Drink a cup of coffee within an hour before the start of your training session. Don’t add sugar or crème to it, it has to be pure. Be careful if you have heart problems. In this case, substitute it with a cup of tea. Green tea contains even more caffeine than the cup of coffee does.
  • Oats. Oats are rich in complex carbs. It means that an oatmeal will keep you going for some time. Besides, it includes vitamins that transform received carbs into useful energy.

Smoothie Jar

  • A combination of carbs and protein. Protein by itself breaks down very slowly that’s why if you eat it right before the training session it will not give you energy when you need it. 70-744 On the other side, the combination of protein and carbs will fill your “tank” in the right moment. You can eat a sandwich that consists of a piece of wholegrain bread, a piece of salmon, and a piece of cheese. A bowl of porridge and eggs or some cottage cheese and fruits are a good choice.
  • Bananas. Bananas contain carbs that are instantly transformed into your blood and increase your energy level. ITILFND Besides, bananas include potassium which relieves muscle spasms and fatigue.
  • Almonds. Almond oil is slowly absorbed by our body and thus helps to maintain needed energy level during the training session.
  • Drinks. Besides food, there are natural drinks that will make you energetic for the time you need to spend in the gym. These are herbs that you can buy in most drugstores, for example, a tincture of Eleutherococcus, ginseng, etc. They can be easily prepared at home. Have a cup of herbal tea before the training session to stay energetic.

Omit food rich in fats, pastry, and cookies before your workout.

Try not to use pre-workouts every time and stay motivated.

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