Should You Exercise On An Empty Stomach

The question of whether or not you should exercise on an empty stomach is highly debatable. While some say you would burn more fat if you exercise without eating anything, there are others who explain the significance of being fuelled while you work out. There have been researches and studies conducted for both situations and the answers to both of them seem quite satisfactory. Confused? Let us try and get an appropriate answer while we look at both the situations.

Exercising When You Are Fueled

There have been a number of researches which have discovered what happens when we work out while our stomach is full. According to a study published in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport – a protein-rich meal half an hour before a workout aids in higher calorie burn in comparison to when in a fasting state.

With a fueled stomach the body tends to perform better and enables you to work out more intensely for longer sessions. An empty stomach will not permit your body to work out longer or intensely thus leading to lesser calorie burn.

Exercising When You Are Empty Stomach

A study conducted on men revealed that they burned 20% more fat compared to men who had breakfast before they hit the gym. Research also shows that the body will have to depend on the stored fat for energy if you exercise in a fasting state, thereby burning more calories.

Another research showed that the insulin activity is bettered while exercising in an empty stomach, this helps the glucose to be absorbed into the cells with ease rather than be stored as fat.

What Does Your Body Permit

Just so you know, there has also been a research which shows that irrespective of the fact whether you exercise on an empty stomach or when you have had something to eat, you tend to burn the same amount of calories.

Forget about whatever we discussed above just think what your health permits you. Are you the one that can function normally even if you skip a meal or are you someone that doesn’t have the energy to work efficiently without food? Pushing your body to do something which it is not adapted to might not be a good decision.

what does your body permit

Every individual is different and has different energy levels and willpower. For someone who is not as strong within and feels dizzy and weak to work out with an empty stomach would not be a smart thing to do. And forcing yourself if you have vomiting tendencies to eat and workout would equally be a poor decision made.

Exercising itself is something that is healthy and good. It is definite that you are losing calories in the gym regardless of the fact whether you eat or not before you start your work out.

Working out should make you feel good so if you think you need to be fueled, grab on something healthy to munch or if you think you are just fine without a protein bar, then start working out at empty stomach.

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