Deadlifts for Six Pack Abs! How does it work?

Deadlifts are without a doubt one of the best exercises at the gym. It is one of the main exercises which make the strongmen, strong. Deadlift, generally categorized as a Strength exercise, which people do during their bulking stage is also suitable for your Shredding Phase, and doing moderate-heavy weight deadlifts every other day can really help you with a more shredded look and a visible six-pack.

Well, we vegetarians understand very well how difficult it is to get rid of all carbs completely during a shredding phase. When you meat-eating friend starts a keto diet, you are wondering how do you do the same? But, there is no need for keto for Vegetarians. We have our own ways. But that’s a Discussion for a separate article. Let’s see how Deadlifts can help us during Shredding Phase.

Burns a Lot of Calories

Deadlift is not an easy and fun to do exercise. Well, it is fun, but only because its difficult. Most people run away from deadlifts and look for alternative ways to train their lower back. But thats incredibly stupid. But, deadlift is way more than just lower backs. It Works Around 3 Major Muscle Groups and a few more smaller muscles. And Lifting significant weight over multiple reps makes you feel more tired than jogging on a treadmill for 10 minutes. So, there you have it. Deadlift Burns a lot of Calories and Fat. Something you want for a shredded look.

Works on Multiple Muscle Groups

As I said, Deadlift is more than just a back exercise. It Works on your Hamstrings, Glutes and Lower back. If you do it following a proper tempo(speed, not fast and quick) then it helps you build your core strength as well. And Building Core Strength will help you perform the more difficult ab exercises. PS: Deadlift also works on your calves.

Helps you Maintain Strength

Most Guys and Gals complain that they lose their strength when they are in the cutting phase. Well, that’s because they stop doing strength exercises and lifting heavy weights. Their focus is more towards, more reps and lighter weights. Our Body becomes what we make it. If you start lifting lighter weights, that’s what our strength will become. So, Regular Deadlifts with other strength exercises help you maintain your strength while you attain that shredded look.

Deadlifts Schedule

Don’t take this article word by word and start doing deadlifts daily. Our Body needs time to recover from such strenuous strength activities. There are 2 approaches to this.

  • Moderate Weights = If you plan on lifting Moderate Weights, then you should do 3 sets of Deadlifts with around 10 reps each, 3 days a week. This will ensure you are not over-doing your muscles, while burning a lot of calories.
  • Heavy Weights = If you choose to lift Heavy, then doing it twice a week especially on days when you are targetting your back and/or legs. This will ensure your muscles have enough time to recover.

Bottomline: Don’t Stop doing Deadlifts during your shredding phase. It will help you burn a lot of calories, maintain your strength and have a stronger core area.

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