Benefits of Soy Milk Over Dairy Milk

Milk is milk, irrespective of its type it is white in colour, and how could there possibly be a difference? Well! After you read this article you are going to change your views. There is a reason to why people are now moving to soy milk. While I continue to praise milk from the dairy for its taste and some health benefits, I would definitely say that soy milk is much healthier and carries a whole lot of goodness for all who are watching their weight. Both are completely different in their nutritional values and here is why soy milk is a better choice than dairy milk:

Calorie Content

Soy milk has lesser calories compared to dairy milk. While a cup of soy milk provides you with 80 calories, dairy milk is known to have a little more than 100 calories in one cup. If you are opting for skimmed milk, the calories aren’t skimmed as much, the count stay for 90 calories in the dairy milk but for soy milk – a light soy milk consists of just 50 calories. Soy milk is great if you aiming on getting a slim waistline, it has been proved by study published in the ‘International Journal of Preventive Medicine’, 2012.

Heart Healthy

Both types of milk are wonderful in lowering the risks of heart diseases. Soy milk seems to have proved its worthiness too. According to a study in the ‘Journal of American College of Nutrition’ soy milk has known to reduce the LDL or the low density lipoprotein cholesterol. This LDL is bad blood cholesterol. The FDA or Food and Drug Administration permit soy to include 6.25 gms of soy protein in every serving as it helps in decreasing coronary heart disease.

Oestrogen Levels

Another benefit that soy milk has is that it modulates oestrogen levels. The isoflavones augment the impact of oestrogen where they advantage the body and decrease the impact of hormone where it can damage. Because of this nature, soy milk could protect women from all types of hormonal cancers such as cervix and breast. With this, it also minimizes the dangers of osteoporosis. Men don’t give up your glass of soy milk – as it helps you dodge prostate cancer.


Both dairy and soy milk comprise of the necessary nutrients. You get about 8 gms of protein in every cup of soy and dairy milk that you drink. The cup of milk is enriched with calcium, phosphorus, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin D and Vitamin A. However dairy milk comprises of cholesterol and saturated fats while soy milk is free of these two. Soy milk is rich in ALA or as we commonly call it omega-3 fatty acid alpha linolenic acid. Besides being good for heart ALA has also been known for its neural protection, cardiovascular effects, benefits against the autoimmune disease and has kept inflammation at bay.

  • 200 Ml of Soy Milk
    •  6.4g Protein
    • 4g Carbs(2g Fibre)
    • 3g Fat(Healthy Fats)
  • 200 Ml of Dairy Milk = 
    • 6.8g Protein
    • 5-6g Carbs(All Sugar, No Fibre)
    • 0-6g of Fats(70% Saturated)

There are many people who prefer to have soy milk because of their allergic nature to dairy milk. Although dairy milk has a lip-smacking taste and people enjoy drinking it, soy milk is definitely richer in nutrients and much healthier to drink.

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