Are Fat Burners Really Effective?

Being over-weight or obesity is something a huge percentage of the population on this planet is dealing with. Some learn to live with it, while some people choose to do something about it. Because learning to live with obesity is not good for health. I am not going to explain in this post, the harmful effects of obesity. Because, if you decided to read this article you already know them and want to lose weight.

One of the many things which people enjoying doing in the process of losing weight is – crazy amounts of cardio. And no matter how much its advised against people will continue doing it. Because on a spiritual level, it makes them feel that they are losing weight. And in some ways it’s good. Mind and Body are and should be connected together. If you want to do crazy amounts of cardio like 30 min or more on a Treadmill, there is no harm. But, from the weight loss point of view, there isn’t much benefit too.

Now let’s see how Fat Burners fit in here.

Fat Burners don’t burn fat themselves. They just speed up the process. If you take a pill and do nothing all do and expect to lose weight, it’s not going to work. Also, If you eat junk and unhealthy food with fat burners and expect results. Not going to work!

But, are Fat Burners Effective? Off course they are. Scientists have put in years of research to prove that. But the real question is: “by how much?” Now, without going into science I will explain this in real easy terms to you.

10 Min of High Intensity Cardio without Fat Burner: Your Body will burn, let’s say, 130 calories.

10 Min of High Intensity Cardio with a Fat Burner: Your Body will burn around 160-180 Calories.

These values are not accurate and may vary from person to person. But, I hope you get the idea. Fat Burner just increases the amounts of calories you burn from any exercise: weights, cardio, etc.

Also, Fat Burners have other benefits, which are very essential for weight loss. These benefits may or may not be present in all Fat Burners, so choose your product carefully after reading all its ingredients.

  • Muscle Retention – Some Fat Burners make sure you do not lose Muscle, and burn more of Fat.
  • Reduced Cravings – You will feel less hungry and craving for junk foods will be suppressed.
  • Reduced Fat Storage – Not only you would burn more fat, but your body will also stop storing fats.

Bottomline: Fat Burners Work. But not by themselves. They supplement your diet and exercise. Perhaps, that’s why its called a supplement.

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