Alternatives To Gym For Women For Weight Loss

While going to gym regularly is considered as the best way to weight loss and maintain a toned body, but there are few folks who just hate going to gym and do not like the perky instruction by an instructor. Well, if you too fall in this category then there are several alternatives to gym to shade off the extra pounds and gaining a toned body.



This is probably the best alternative to gym and there is hardly any woman who hates swimming. This is a very good exercise that enhances your stamina and endurance level. Water is highly dense than air and creates more resistant as a result you need to provide more effort which is a good workout for your arm, leg and core part. With all these, if you have just recovered from an injury, swimming is the best option for you as this is not harsh at all in the joints.



If you love to dance, then there is no need of going to gym. Dancing results in hard workout in your whole body thus helping you to have a toned and beautiful attractive body. Various recreational centres offer dance classes, so you can always take part in that. Zumba dance, pole dances are some of the dance classes that are offered to women which help in burning their extra fat and tone the body.


Cardio exercises

Cycling is a good exercise for your leg, squad and glutes while it also helps to burn fat soon. But ensure to ride uphill to make the process more effective. With all these, other advantages of cycling are it is helpful for heart health and stamina while it involves no cost at all if compared with the monthly fee of gym classes.

Martial arts

Martial Arts

Martial arts have several health benefits such as it relieves stress, improves hand-eye coordination and promotes the reflexes. But with all these, it also helps in weight loss process. Martial arts help in gaining muscle which in turn increase the metabolism rate in body and high metabolism lead to burning of more calories which ultimately result in weight loss.



Yoga is another useful method to lose extra pounds and have a toned body. It can be easily practised at home once you learn the basic things from the instructor. However, there are recreational centres to offer yoga classes, you can go there as well if you wish so. Yoga requires you to move all your muscles and joints thus offer you a highly toned body.

Go for intervals

Jogging and walking at intervals

Interval is an excellent way to lose extra fat soon. Rather than jogging, first start with a warm-up for five minutes, next take an all-out run for two minutes and go for slow jogging to catch the breath. Repeat this process few times and finally go for a three minutes walk at the end. While half-an hour jogging can burn 238 calories, the interval training can shade off 356 calories in the same time.

Morning & Late Night Walks

Morning and late night walks

If you can find time to go for Early Morning and/or Late Night walks for 30 minutes to 1 hour, 5-6 times a week. It will have an excellent impact on your health and boost your weight loss journey.

But In the end, I have no choice but to mention that Exercise is only 20% of the process. 80% contribution is by what you eat. So, Follow a proper diet and do any of the above regularly, and its impossible to not see results.

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