5 Quick Tips for Getting Rid of Belly Fat

Belly fat is not a sentence. An average person has about 15 kilos of fat. This number can either increase or decrease through life, everything depends from person to person. The main point here is that you have to waste more calories than you consume. Is there a way to do so? There are lots of them! If you ask 5 people how they got rid of belly fat you will probably receive 5 different answers. And here are these 5 quick tips for losing unwanted belly fat.

  1. Eat more protein. If it is possible, try to substitute carbs or fats with protein as much as you can. Protein burns fat 3 times faster than carbs do. This is a considerable amount, that’s why better think thoroughly next time you put food on a plate.
  2. During the training session take turns working on upper and lower body parts. For example, train legs and biceps during one session. This way legs rest when you work on your arms and on the contrary. This will let you work more effectively using heavier weights and consequently, you will be able to lose fat and build muscles faster.
  3. Do cardio after the training session. 810-440 You can do 5-10 minutes of it before to warm up or just substitute it with exercises and leave the main part of cardio till the end. When you are exhausted with weightlifting, same speed and time spent on a treadmill or whatever cardio machine you choose will be more rewarding in terms of fat loss than in case you do it before the training session.
  4. Substitute regular plates with smaller ones. An average person would eat up everything from a plate. If you are in a restaurant or visiting someone it is not even polite to leave food on the plate. This is more of a mental issue than physical. You may not want or need everything that you see on the plate though you still do it. That’s why smaller plate will prevent you from eating too much. 700-105 You will simply not be able to eat more than can fit there!
  5. Have breakfast. Some people regularly miss breakfast, thinking that it will not affect their well-being, though in reality, it will. Statistic says that people who have a good breakfast every day suffer from having extra fat on a belly 2-3 times less than those who miss it regularly. Experts think that having a good and balanced meal before noon helps to regulate insulin level and control a feeling of hunger. If you don’t feel hungry for breakfast in the morning, try doing morning exercises or taking a shower.

Use some of the above tips or all of them at the same time and you will see a flat belly sooner than if you don’t follow these tips.

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