5 Green Vegetables For Fat Loss

Vegetable diet to lose weight is really advantageous that does not require you to suppress your hunger as there are some vegetables which provide a sensation of fullness for long time thus stopping you from overheating. Also, those are rich in all the needed nutrients along with water so your body will not be suffered from any kind of dehydration while it will promote an effective and very efficient weight loss. Read here the 5 green vegetables that you can consume to accelerate your weight loss regime.


This flowery green vegetable not just looks good and is tasty to eat but it has to offer several health benefits including weight loss. These are rich in carbohydrate and those that are slow- released which provides you energy for longer time by keeping you full. Also according to a research, this vegetable contains a phytonutrient called as sulforaphane that fights off the fat storage process in body. Again it contains Vitamin C that reduces the level of cortisol in high stress. With all these it has no fat so you can have it with any other vegetables or broccoli soup, noodles too will be a good recipe.


This is another low fat vegetable that has just 21 calorie. Cabbage is high in fiber, minerals and multiple vitamins like A, C, K, B6, thiamine, folate, potassium, manganese etc. But remember as this vegetable is rich in vitamin E and C, so the formation of gas can take place from over-consuming of it. But you can have it with garlic and ginger to reduce the instigation of gas.


This leafy vegetable has an amazing fat burning ability with its protein and other compounds. It contains a protein that helps in post pump muscle growth and recovery. And the more muscle mass you have, it will help you in more calorie burning. Also another compound thylakoid present in spinach is known to reduce cravings and thus promotes weight loss. So, include this green leafy in your diet chart everyday and accelerate the weight loss process even more.

Beans and carrot

Beans and carrot both are low in fat but high in dietary fiber, proteins and other vitamins and minerals. Vitamins such as A, K, C, etc. are present in these vegetables. You can eat them raw as well as by combining with some other vegetables. Beans and carrot both are really tasty even when consumed raw.


Pickled cucumber, a low calorie, rich in fiber and covered with vinegar vegetable can effectively accelerate your weight loss regime with its amazing properties. One large pickle contains just 15 calorie, so even though you consume 2-3 pickle, it will not count to 50 calories.  The vinegar in this food helps burn off the curbs at a higher rate which helps our body burning up fat too soon. You can have this vegetable with sandwich, burger, etc.

So, these are the 5 green vegetables that you can consume everyday happily to shed off the extra pounds easily.

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