4 Big Mistakes Hardgainers Make In The Kitchen

If you have the idea that eating anything and everything in massive amount along with hard work out is going to help you in bodybuilding or hard gaining, then sorry, you are not correct. Yes, the diet chart of muscle builder is really complicated and far more different than others who are looking to lose weight. While building muscle requires you to spend quality time in the gym, right diet is importantly needed to accelerate your bodybuilding process. It has been seen that people are trying a lot in the gym but something is going wrong and they are not able to gain weight instead of hard work out.

The reason is some mistakes in the kitchen. So, the 4 big mistakes hard gainers generally make in the kitchen are outlined here, so it can help you later on.

Mistake 1# You eat excessive amount of protein

This is the main mistake usually most of the hard gainers keep doing in the kitchen. Excessive amount of protein is not recommended for weight gain or muscle growth. A research revealed that only 0.6 grams-0.8 grams of protein per pound of body weight is optimal for hard gainers. That is 120-160 grams of protein for an individual of 200 pounds is ideal daily. And beyond this amount will not just make a hole in your pocket rather it has a bad impact on appetite as well. Protein triggers the release of some hormones in body that is known to curb appetite, as a result, you will not be able to have other calorie rich and carbohydrate-rich foods that are highly needed for workout fuelling.

Mistake 2# You eat excessive amount of fibre

Just like protein, you should limit the intake of fibre so as to eat more calorie rich foods. Fibre has the power to slow down digestion process and makes you full soon, thus curbing the appetite. Foods like whole wheat bread, broccoli, brown rice etc. are rich in fibre so you need to be bit concerned and limit the intake of such fibre rich foods.

whole wheat bread

Mistake 3 # You eat very few meals

Calorie is the main thing needed to grow muscle and you need to eat very frequently to supply the needed fuel for consistent growth. Six meals a day is ideal for a bodybuilder. In case you are new in this lifestyle, things might be a bit difficult for you as too much of food can create bloating, however, start slowly and then increase the amount of food. Remember, the intake of calorie should be high enough than you burn, in order to gain weight and grow muscles.

Mistake 4# You ignore the liquid calorie

Liquid calories are not to be underestimated if you aim to gain weight soon. Liquid calorie is ideal to intake while you are not highly hungry. Also, they are easy to prepare. Liquid calorie acts as a game changer for those who are looking to grow muscle while it is commonly known to help people in losing weight.

So, once you know about these common mistakes, gaining weight can be much easier for you.

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