10 Tips For the Vegetarian Bodybuilder

A bodybuilder’s main goal is to burn fat from the body and increase the muscle mass to have those bulging mountains on their hands and the sculpted body of Greek God. None of the two things are easy to achieve and there is much effort that goes in. However, if you are able to hop over these obstacles, the result would have people drooling over you. Here is a list of ten things for all the vegan bodybuilders who could use them for best results while they work out at the gym.

Short and Intense Workouts

You are looking to burn fat and not muscles. Short and powerful workouts will burn your fats while upholding your body muscles. Long workouts cause muscle loss which you are looking to avoid and then your body looks for protein. Don’t let your reservoir of protein get less. Vegan bodybuilders should preserve their protein as it is difficult to build protein content in their body for them in comparison to the bodybuilders who have non-vegetarian diet.

Maintain the Intake of Protein

Vegan bodybuilders are usually low on their amino acid profiles as their protein consumption is less. It is advised that you have atleast 6 meals a day and with every meal there should be a serving of food that is rich in protein. There are a number of protein shakes available in the market which are vegan and are known to show impressive effects. There is nothing better than having a glass of milk with some of this powder whirled in. Some of them are for pre-workout while some are suggested to have post your workout session.

Remember to fill in the lost protein by having chickpeas, tempeh, quinoa, black beans, lentils, nuts will provide you with sufficient protein required for you to gain on those lost muscles.


Cardio exercises

Once you know your body is adjusted to the severities of bodybuilding then you can switch to cardio exercises. Cardio acts instantaneously and cuts down on those bits of fats which are still clinging on to your body. This little extra move works wonders for those who have to perform or participate in contests. Eight weeks of cardio before the program will have you in shape and your muscles pumping exactly like you wanted them to.

Be Positive

Yes! This is one of the most important tips. There are people who are going to pull you down. You did not start body building for them it is for yourself. Start ignoring the negativities and concentrate on the positivities. There are many people who are looking up to you and what you are doing. Your family, friends, and relatives are always there to support you. Stress is something which a bodybuilder should never have. Stress is known to be a harbinger of many diseases. You don’t want to destroy what you have built with so much dedication and pain.

Iron Supplements

Iron boosts your red blood cells and you don’t want to go low on it. Red blood cells are carriers of oxygen, besides supplying your whole body with oxygen they also help in removing carbon- dioxide from your body. Oxygen helps your body to function right. Deficiency of iron causes your body to fatigue and get tired easily. Your practice will hamper and you will be delayed on your goals of building a good body.  Broccoli and spinach are high in iron. If you consume fruits and vegetable rich in iron but since you work and you find yourself tiring out easily, switch to an iron supplement so it can fill in for the deficit.

Keep Your Stomach Healthy

keep stomach healthy

Even after having healthy protein rich food if your muscle doesn’t seem to be coming up then the food you are eating is not being digested by your gut properly. High protein dairy foods such as tempeh, tofu, cheese, etc. are all difficult to digest. Your belly might have a hard time digesting them. Even if you are eating a proper diet but your stomach is unable to exploit its benefits then your body will not get fuelled with the proteins which you ate. If you want better results then squeeze in one lime in a glass of water and have it before you can start your day. Drink water throughout the day, eat lots of green vegetables and don’t feel shy to take a digestive tablet if required.

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